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Loved and used by 11 million users worldwide, including the United Nations, Accenture, and Disney.

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“I love having a graphic design tool as effective as Piktochart, it gives me the opportunity to build very good visual content for my organization’s online use and the best thing is that I don’t need to have extensive experience as a graphic designer. It is quite intuitive and easy to access!”

Ray G. (IT Analyst)

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High-quality custom brochure templates

Piktochart combines the best parts of high-quality custom brochure templates and ease of use to help you make stunning, professionally-designed custom brochures in minutes.

Our ready-made brochure templates have helped millions of users grow their business and make their brands look more professional.

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Made for all types of brochure needs

Say goodbye to generic-looking brochures

From trifold brochures to Z-fold brochures, Piktochart’s brochure maker and extensive brochure template library are made for creative minds like you who don’t have the time to make brochures from scratch.

Whether you’re planning to make a real estate brochure or a healthcare brochure, Piktochart has everything you need to make a brochure that stands out from the rest.

Customize it to your brand colors, add unique graphics, and make your brochure copy stand out with beautiful typography options.

With just a few clicks, creating brochures you’ll be proud of has never been easier.

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One powerful brochure editor, endless possibilities for your brand and business

unlimited access to template

Unlimited access to templates

Get unlimited access to a vast library of brochure templates, including various formats, sizes, and layouts. 

created by professional designers

Created by professional in-house designers

Each brochure template has been thoughtfully created by our team of in-house designers.

Designed for simplicity

Designed for simplicity

Drag-and-drop editor designed for simplicity. Learn it in less than an hour.

Create brochures any way you want

Create brochures any way you want

Download and print for offline use or share as an ebrochure for your website and emails. Export to PNG or PDF. Get custom links for easy sharing online.

custom branding

Custom branding

Automatically add custom branding to your brochures. 

endless options for customization

Endless options for customization

From royalty-free photography integrations with Pexels to millions of illustrations courtesy of IconScout.

data visualization at your fingertips

Data visualization at your fingertips

Use graphs, charts, maps, text frames, shapes, and more to convey your message clearly in your brochures.

warm thoughtful customer support

Warm, thoughtful customer support

Need help with your brochure design? Drop us a message and you’ll hear back from our support team within an hour or so (except on weekends). 

“I love the templates included, as well as the vast amount images and icons available to use right out of the box. The customization is really great too. Being able to choose my company’s custom colour schemes and apply it to templates makes things so easy.”

– Erik K.

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5 Easy Steps to Beautiful Brochures with Piktochart

  1. Sign up for Piktochart. Go to your Piktochart dashboard and choose Brochures as your format of choice.
  2. Pick the perfect brochure template for your brochure design needs. Experiment with different various formats and layouts. Explore different use cases, including brochures for marketing, real estate, healthcare, small businesses, events, travel, and more.
  3. Edit and customize your preferred brochure template. Piktochart’s brochure maker has everything you need to tweak your brochure to perfection: thousands of illustrations, a stunning library of premium photographs, and a wide selection of color schemes to help reflect your brand personality. You can even upload your brand assets, including brand fonts and images. Finally, rearrange elements or delete sections you don’t need.
  4. Don’t forget to save your work. Double-check for typos. Make sure you don’t miss the most important details like your contact information and business hours.
  5. You’re done! With Piktochart, your brochure design needs are taken care of. You can either download it in PNG or PDF that’s ready to print. Or get a link for easy sharing via email or social media.
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school trifold brochure School trifold brochure template
business brochure template Business brochure template
dental brochure template Dental brochure template
Nonprofit brochure template Nonprofit brochure template
beauty product brochure template Beauty product brochure template
event brochure template Event brochure template
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Of course! While brochures have been around for a long time, they still get the job done if you want to spread the word about your brand. They work really well for high-value services and big-ticket purchases like real estate, cars, and travel.

A good, well-designed brochure should include high-quality images, persuasive copy highlighting your product or service, your company logo, business hours, and contact information.

Brochures are a versatile bunch! You can give them away during trade shows or leave them at airport lounges. You can also put them on your website as a downloadable PDF or attach a copy to your monthly newsletter.

An A4 is the most commonly used brochure size and standard format. An A4 is 8.5″ x 11″ in the US, while it’s 8.3″ x 11.7″ for the rest of the world.

Piktochart is a free brochure maker tool. Create an account in less than a minute, browse brochure templates, pick the right one for your brochure needs, and edit it to your liking. Endless customization options await!

Yes, you can! Take Piktochart for a spin today so you can try out its download and printing formats for brochures.

Piktochart’s brochure maker allows you to make the following types of brochures:
  • Half-fold brochure
  • Trifold brochure
  • Z-fold brochure
  • Window or gate-fold brochure
  • Double-gate fold brochure
  • eBrochure
  • Accordion fold brochure
  • Double Parallel fold brochure
  • Roll fold brochure
  • French fold brochure

Piktochart’s brochure maker has pre-made trifold brochure templates. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you: some brochure templates are already divided into three equal sections. All you need to do is fold your brochure based on how the template is designed.

Piktochart! We may be biased, but the wide variety of brochure templates in various formats and endless customization options make Piktochart the best brochure maker.

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