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Loved and used by brands of all shapes and sizes worldwide, including the United Nations, Accenture, and Disney.

Simplify your design workflows with Piktochart’s intuitive flowchart maker.

The best free online flowchart maker is intuitive, simple, and easy to use. Just like Piktochart.

Whether you’re presenting a complex concept at work or explaining a process in school, make professional-looking flowcharts without downloading bulky software. Do everything online and get your flowcharts done in minutes.

From traditional flowchart shapes and symbols to millions of flowchart icons to choose from, creating flowcharts with Piktochart’s flowchart maker is as easy as picking a template, a quick drag and drop of symbols, editing the text, and customizing the colors.

Piktochart’s in-house design professionals are the creative folks behind the beautiful flowchart templates. This means you’re getting thoughtfully-designed templates to help you create flowcharts, fast-track your workflows, and present processes with no fuss.

With Piktochart’s flow chart creator, you can get the look you want for your flow chart with just a few clicks!

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Save time and make stunning flowcharts fast with flowchart templates

flowchart template with pastel colors Process Flowchart Template
workflow diagram template Workflow Template
organization flowchart template Organizational Flowchart Template
customer journey flowchart template Customer Journey Map Flowchart Template
framework diagram template Framework Diagram Template
user flow diagram template User Flowchart Template
product development flowchart template Product Design Flowchart Template
Workflow Chart Template
progress flowchart template Progress Flowchart Template
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Visualize diagrams and build beautiful flowcharts even without design experience.

Piktochart’s free flowchart creator is the go-to tool to map out complex concepts, customer journeys, information hierarchies, organizational charts, processes, and steps.

Start with a flow chart template and change the steps with just a few clicks. Edit the texts and pick your preferred fonts and colors.

Want to change your flowchart symbols and components? Piktochart is so easy to customize! Our extensive shape library, plus millions of icons has everything you need to visualize and build customized flowcharts quickly and easily.

Piktochart is also free to use. Designed for simplicity, you can learn the ins and outs of the online flowchart maker in minutes.

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Piktochart’s free flowchart software comes with all the templates and flexibility you need to create beautiful diagrams, charts, and workflows.

Get access to different flowchart formats and a growing collection of smart connectors, lines, icons, illustrations, shapes, and more.

Versatile flowchart templates by Piktochart’s professional in-house designers.

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How to Make Flowcharts in 5 Easy Steps

Ready to make your first online flowchart? Follow the simple steps below to make your processes and steps clearer and more concise.

1. Get started with Piktochart for free.

Go to your Piktochart dashboard and choose Flowcharts as your format of choice. Not a Piktochart user yet? Piktochart is completely free. Sign up now.

2. Choose the best flowchart template for you.

No need to start with a blank canvas! Start creating by browsing through the free flowchart templates and flowchart examples. Pick the best flow chart template to start building your beautiful, unique flowchart.

3. Get creative and customize your template.

Piktochart’s templates for flow charts are fully customizable. You can add new shapes and placeholders from the left side and rearrange them as you please. For example, you can swap squares for circles or adjust their sizes. You can also replace lines with arrows.

Not too sure about the default fonts on your template? Experiment by changing the font styles and typography of your template.

Finally, add photos, change colors, and customize it based on your flowchart creation goals.

4. Save your work.

Double-check for typos. Make sure you don’t miss the most important details of your flowchart.

5. Share your flowchart.

Great job! It’s time to share your flowchart online, in person, or via email.

Download it in PNG or PDF that’s ready to print. Or get a link for easy sharing via email or social media. With Piktochart’s flowchart creator, visualizing processes and explaining steps don’t have to be overwhelming.

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One flowchart tool, endless ways to simplify your processes and workflows.

  • Add your information and customize it with just a few clicks.
  • Next, swap or move lines and shapes with an easy drag and drop.
  • Share online and present your flowchart designs with a downloadable PNG or PDF or get a private link that you can share quickly.

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Frequently asked questions about how to make flowcharts online

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Flowcharts are versatile and useful in many ways – from tutorials to decision guides. Use flowcharts whenever you need to explain processes or share the steps of a procedure, workflow, or journey.

The most common types of flowcharts are:

  • Process flowchart – Highlight steps in a process in sequential order.
  • Workflow chart – Illustrate a series of actions in a workflow.
  • Data flow chart – Show how data is processed within a framework or system.
  • Swimlane flowchart – A flowchart with a swimlane component is ideal for showing the steps along with information about the responsible teams or departments.

Use flowcharts if you need to:

  • Brainstorm ideas in sequence
  • Create site maps
  • Create organizational charts
  • Design systems
  • Document processes and tasks
  • Explain decision-making processes
  • Make visual user journeys
  • Present solutions

The elements of a basic flowchart are the oval, rectangle, diamond input and output symbol, and arrows.

  • Oval – stands for the start and end points of the process
  • Rectangle – stands for a step within the process
  • Diamond – stands for a decision that needs to be made
  • Input/output symbol – stands for information leaving or entering the process
  • Arrows – stands for a directional path

Yes! Piktochart is a free flowchart maker where you can create an account in less than a minute. Browse flowchart templates created by our in-house professional designers, pick the right one for your needs, and simply add your information. Endless customization options await!

The first step is to create your flowchart in Piktochart’s flowchart maker and then download it as PNG or PDF. Afterward, drag and drop the file into your Word Document. You can also do the same thing in Google Docs.