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Ease of use

Create an infographic in minutes

Engaging infographics are the perfect data visualization tool if you need to create presentations, explain a process, visualize data, or present information in a more understandable way. With Piktochart’s free infographic maker, designing your own custom infographic is easy. Start with an infographic template, update your information, replace images, or change the style with just a few clicks.

You can create a custom infographic creation in under 30 minutes without prior design skills. Oh, and one more thing; collaboration and customer support are included for all accounts, even the Free plan with our professionally designed templates.

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Free templates

Choose from 230+ professionally designed infographic templates

Get inspired by our gallery of 230+ unique infographic templates. At Piktochart, we value quality over quantity. Each infographic template was carefully crafted by one of our experienced communication designers. Our designers ensure that the templates you find on Piktochart are based on proper research and accurate data and follow the latest information design trends. Once you select the template you like, you can customize it with the perfect photo, illustration, or icon found in the graphics library within the Piktochart editor.

From timeline infographics to comparison infographics, survey results to health research, Piktochart offers professional infographic templates that save you valuable time and allow you to become a pro infographic maker.

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Turn complex data into a clear, catchy infographic design

Data doesn’t have to be boring, and visualizing data and information doesn’t have to be complex. Copy-paste your data into our graph maker, upload a CSV, or Excel file, or link up a Google sheet. Turn complex data into a clear data visualization presented as your own infographic. Choose between charts, graphs, and interactive maps to present your data clearly and understandably. Showcase a timeline, list, process, or data comparison. You can even create interactive infographics to engage your target audience!

The free infographic maker from Piktochart grants you access to all types of charts: pie charts, bar charts, pictographs, and more to create infographics for all your needs.

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Customize infographics to your brand in seconds

With Piktochart’s brand assets feature, your content is always on-brand. Using our free infographic maker, simply drag and drop your logo or a screenshot of your website to extract the brand colors for your infographic design magically. Do you want to use your company fonts? In three clicks you can create beautiful infographics with your own images, marketing materials, ideas, and more. Your custom color palette and uploaded fonts will be added to the editor so that you or your team can easily design infographics by applying them to any new project. Create an infographic with all the flexibility you need, even with our free account.

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People create an infographic with Piktochart to:

Format Persona Marketer

Marketers & Sales Professionals

  • Visualize results
  • Explain the benefits of a product
  • Make content more engaging
  • Introduce buyer personas and increase brand awareness
  • Drive traffic and leads with custom visuals created with the help of infographic templates
Format Persona SMEs and Enterprises

HR & Communications Professionals

  • Report on the hiring process
  • Build employer branding
  • Employee onboarding
  • Communicate values and culture
Format Persona NGOs and Government

Nonprofits & Healthcare Professionals

  • Explain a process
  • Inform and educate the public
  • Explain a cause through infographic design
Format Persona Business Owner

Teachers & Educators

  • Foster independent learning
  • Make learning more engaging
  • Develop analytical thinking skills
  • Simplify science-related topics

How to create an infographic

1. Log into your Piktochart account

Log into Piktochart (or create an account for the Free plan if you don’t have one already) and go to the dashboard. Once you’re on the dashboard, go to the sidebar to the left and click infographics. You’ll find our infographic maker.

2. Pick an infographic template

Unless you’re a professional designer and prefer to start with a blank canvas, infographic templates are the way to go. Our high-quality templates save you time and make your infographics look as good as they can. Find one you like by using the search bar at the top.

3. Customize it to your liking

Once you pick an infographic template, adjust the colors, change the fonts, and add in your own text. Add your company colors to make your infographic fit your brand.

4. Add images, icons, and other assets to the infographic creator

Make engaging infographics by adding images, icons, illustrations, and gifs with the drag and drop editor. Pick from a library of free images and visual assets to create an infographic that stands out or upload your own images.

5. Download and share

Once you’re done visualizing data and customizing your infographic, download it as a JPG, PNG, or PDF. Email it to your colleagues and manager, or embed it on your website for the world to see.

Get ahead with our premade templates

Tips on building self-esteem in children infographic with 3d illustrations List Infographic
Employee onboarding process infographic template Process Infographic
Online Shopping Survey Template Survey Infographic
Curriculum Design Tips for Teachers Education Infographic
Statistical Infographic Statistical Infographic
Women in History Infographic Timeline Infographic
Company Profile Informational Infographic Informational Infographic
fixed vs growth mindset infographic template Comparison Infographic
Clinical Trial Health Infographic Health Infographic

From Data Visualization to Storytelling: Understanding the Different Types of Infographics

Business Communications

Create infographics to promote your product, explain a feature, and present any other type of information for your business or department.

Enhancing School Presentations

Make school presentations stand out by including an infographic. From historic events to science projects, any topic is more interesting with a visual.

Timeline Infographic

Tell a story through a timeline infographic. Describe a processes, illustrate your company’s history, or create human resources visuals. Try Piktochart’s timeline maker for free.

Social Media Infographic

Drive engagement on social media with beautiful infographics. Make creative visuals for a marketing campaign or drive brand awareness.

Medical Infographic

Explain health risks, educate about medical topics, create visuals for summits, and inform the public through professional medical infographics.

Ready to create beautiful infographics?

Join more than 11 million people who already design information with Piktochart’s free infographic maker.


Infographics (information + graphics) use visuals and text to highlight key information and ideas. In other words, infographic is a graphical representation of concepts, or of patterns in data or information.

Here is the list of the 9 best infographic makers in 2022:
  • Piktochart
  • Snappa
  • Infogram
  • Freepic
  • Canva
  • Venngage
  • Visme
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Express

In Piktochart. Piktochart is a free infographic maker accessible online. You get access to hundreds of infographic templates, charts, illustrations, and icons. This way, you have everything you need to quickly turn data and information into an infographic.

A good infographic helps your audience make better decisions, get insights, and motivate them to act. An infographic all by itself is just a piece of content. When creating an infographic, start with a goal. Infographic creation without a purpose is a meaningless exercise. When you have a clear goal, you’ll be able to pick the correct type of infographic for the job, saving you time and effort.

Best practices for creating an infographic include:

1. Use a premade template to ensure quality design and save time. Include images, icons, and illustrations.
2. Define your target audience.
3. Thoroughly research your topic and choose the most relevant information.
4. Include data from trusted sources, as recent as possible.
5. Choose a design that allows white space and is not too crowded. The goal is to make information easy to read. You can choose a Piktochart free template and customize it.
6. Download your infographic and promote it on all relevant channels; your website, social media, and dedicated infographic submission websites.

The biggest benefits of using infographics are:

  • Communicating a message or data in an interesting way. Visuals have higher potential than text to draw attention and infographics are one of the best ways to visualize information.
  • Educating an audience on a topic, for external or internal communication (product features, instructions, health, onboarding, etc.)
  • Promoting a business or a campaign.
  • Driving brand awareness by sharing interesting content and creating engagement (especially on social media).
  • Acquiring leads by gating the infographic and requiring a form to download the resource.

You can share an infographic in the following ways:

  • Include the infographic in a relevant blog post or a newsletter as an image.
  • Share the infographic on a social media post or a story. Keep in mind the size for each channel (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, etc.). Depending on their limit, you might need to share a smaller image and include a link with the complete infographic.
  • Gate the infographic on a landing page as a downloadable PDF.
  • Send it to an infographic submission website to get it published by a third party.

You can make an infographic with the help of design software or an infographic tool. With Piktochart, you can make an infographic without any design skills.

Step 1: Log into Piktochart.
Step 2: Pick an infographic template or start from scratch.
Step 3: Create an infographic online by using the drag-and-drop editor to add stock photos or your own images, adding your text, and visualizing data through graphs and charts.
Step 4: Download your infographic or share it online.

No, you don’t need to download Piktochart. The platform is cloud-based and hence lives online. Just sign up for a free account and you’ll be able to create infographics and content right away.

You can make an infographic for free by using an infographic tool that offers a free account or a trial. With Piktochart, you don’t need any design skills to create an infographic.

Step 1: Log into Piktochart’s free infographic maker.
Step 2: Pick an infographic template or start from a blank canvas.
Step 3: Drag-and-drop images, icons, and illustrations.
Step 4: Customize to your brand; upload your company font, choose the color palette, add your company fonts.
Step 5: Share online or download your visual.

You can make an infographic online or on your desktop, depending on your chosen tool.

With desktop-based design software like Adobe Illustrator, you will need to install it and pay for the license.

With a cloud-based free infographic maker like Piktochart, Canva, or Venngage, you only need to create an account online. For Piktochart, you can make an infographic without any design skills.

Create an account for the Free plan, log into Piktochart, pick a template or start from scratch, and make an infographic.

The visuals you create can be shared online or downloaded.

Yes, you can definitely create infographics without having any design experience. In fact, millions of non-designers have used Piktochart to create beautiful infographics. The easiest for users is to start with free infographic templates from the gallery designed by experts and customize them with the drag-and-drop editor.